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Breaking Dawn Part 2 ***

The Twilight saga comes to an end with an entertaining and well filmed movie. Kind of a surprise for anyone that hatred the previous movies because this last one leaves behind most of the romance and the silliness (most of it, not all), to focus on the adventure and the action, in a story that lead us to a way anticipated final battle, huge final battle, that even the ones that disliked the previous movies, would enjoy. Why is not this movie a bad movie at all? Easy, it is closer to Eclipse in every single aspect than to New Moon or Breaking Dawn Part 1. Maybe its structure is even too close to Eclipse, but it works.

The early anticipated battle against the Vuituri, clearly the most interesting vampire characters in the saga, gives us a movie that is clearly based on comic books movies like X-Men. And we can adjust that statement even more; it is something like The Last Stand, not X-Men United. Goofy humor, empty characters, and a path clearly determined from the beginning. The two sides gathering forces and training, discovering new powers, new allies, new secrets, before the battle begins. It’s a mutants movie, changing them for wolves and vampires, but each and every one with a distinctive ability and power. It’s something you can see from the beginning, with Bella discovering her new abilities and flaws running across the forest.

If Bill Condon didn’t precisely made an outstanding job in the first Breaking Dawn, here comes his turn to make things right. The tone and the rhythm get you in the movie. Developing the story smoothly. Giving each of the main characters a moment to shine. With more humor and less romance. The cast knows their characters so well at this time, that they don’t need to force the situation to feel comfortable with them. And this time we have the Vuituri, a real powerful threat, and a lot of new characters, most of them underwritten, but they make the story more interesting.

Ok, and the movie doesn’t exploit the really interesting topics it brings, like Bellas thirst for blood and her auto-control, the real reasons that drives the Vuituri to the battle, or some of the new heroes. It doesn’t really matter, the fans of the saga will be pleased anyway. But one of the greatest problems comes with the visual effects. The movie tries to tell a story full of fantasy moments, and the visual effects are sometimes really poor. The baby face, some of the wolves, even the drive sequences… Good examples of the lack of resources. And when we are talking about this millionaire saga, the lack of resources sounds like a joke.

I’m not going to talk about the final, because I understand it comes from the book, but it is kind of disappointing. It takes all the meaning from the battle away. But in the end we have a fine movie, made for the fans, but enjoyable for anyone. It’s funny, entertaining and with rhythm. If we are talking about book phenomenon movies, Breaking Dawn Part 2 it’s not The Hunger Games, not even close. But it is far better than its predecessors. And that’s much more than I expected from this movie.

Jesús Usero.



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