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Bumblebee ★★★

14 Dic 2018 Escrito por

Bumblebee movie review

One of the best films of the Transformers franchise.

One of the best films of the Transformers franchise. Possibly it is not the most expensive or the one with the best visual effects, nor scenes as huge as the previous ones because of the special effects or the grandiloquence of Michael Bay's cinema. But it is undoubtedly the best written and possibly best interpreted, also taking advantage of the visual talent of its director, Travis Knight, responsible for the magnificent Kubo and the Two Strings, accompanied on this occasion in the script by Christina Hodson, one of the most required writers of Hollywood this days, which shows here her talent and is also responsible for the Batgirl and Birds of Prey scripts. If something similar to Bumblebee comes out of those movies ... we are in good hands, truth be told.

Aquaman ★★★★

13 Dic 2018 Escrito por

Aquaman movie review

One of the best blockbusters of the year and the proof that DC can do very good things.

And no, I do not mean by this that I have changed my mind about other DC movies, I just think that this time they have done something possibly closer to what the public expects from the comics company in movies. It is true that it is superior to Justice League, for example (I do not understand how it may have cost half of the cost of Justice League and it seems that it cost twice as much, although we know all the problems that the shooting of JL had ...) and it is even with Wonder Woman, or better certain times. But, above all, it is a perfect Christmas entertainment and a blockbuster as competent as well built.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Review

A step back in the Fantastic Beasts saga, which entertains but is an overlong film. Whether or not you are fans of the Harry Potter saga, you're sure to know that this weekend premiered around the world Fantastic Beasts 2, the sequel to the spin off prequel to the original saga. And that it has offered us a film that seems half done, halfway between an epic magical adventure and a telenovela. No, I do not mean to offend when I say these words. But whoever has seen the film will not deny me that there are a couple of moments in which to follow the genealogical trees of the characters (almost all of them) is more complicated than guessing the number of the lottery this week ...

Halloween ★★★★

10 Oct 2018 Escrito por

Halloween 2018 Review Movie

Finally, the tribute that the original film needed and deserved. The father of all the slasher films as we know them, Michael Myers who appeared in the seminal film Halloween by John Carpenter, is finally recognized as such in a film that makes him, for the new audience, the mythical figure that he has always been, or at least that he should be. Maybe some forgot about it, giving more importance to Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger, but Myers is the father of them all, in the same way that Norman Bates was the grandfather. No, I did not forget about Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it’s just that, that movie was not a slasher, it was another type of horror cinema, essential in the same way, but it is not the same type of cinema. Although it presented a similar type of masked villain.

First Man Review Movie

One of the best movies of the year, without a doubt.

Damian Chazelle returns after La La Land, to surprise us, completely changing tone and style, to offer us a film with personality, with a sensational force and with Ryan Gosling who is a candidate for all the awards from this moment on. The film will be nominated in many categories, without a doubt, but that should not make us forget what is really important. That First Man is a fantastic movie, a story disguised as a biopic that turns into an epic adventure and that leaves us the taste of the great cinema. Script, acting, direction ... the film has all the necessary elements to stand out. And if Gosling stands out, do not miss what Claire Foy does with her character...

Venom review ★★★

03 Oct 2018 Escrito por

Film review Venom

It is not what we expected, for better and worse. For days we have been receiving different information about what we were going to find in Venom, the film starring Tom Hardy and directed by Ruben Fleischer. Some said it would be the worst movie of the year. It is not the worst movie of the year, nor the best one. It is a mixture of brilliant and mediocre ideas, of genius themes and love for the comic books, with blockbuster needs for all audiences. Because the movie does not have R category, so the audience will be higher in numbers (or so they think), but we will also see less blood on screen. And Venom's character needed that blood to make the movie that fans have been demanding for years.

It’s better in every possible way than the previous movie. A breath of fresh air in the franchise with a scent to the original film by Steven Spielberg, served with great elegance and know-how by our J.A. Bayona, a director who has managed to carve out a career within our cinema full of incontestable successes and that also had the scent of Hollywood cinema, but they were very much Spanish films, such as The Impossible or A Monster calls, and that also served to draw the attention of the American film industry, who first offered him the sequel to World War Z and he finally refused to do that one, and took the leadership on this sequel to Jurassic World that is already the fifth installment of the most famous dinosaur saga of the history of cinema. To be honest, the change could not have been better. You all know the problems I had with Jurassic World, an entertaining movie, correctly shot, but without personality, leaning more on the pure and hard visual spectacle than on telling a good story, with characters often unbearable (those children…) and with a script that had too many mistakes to not tell anything new ...

I do not know to what extent they have allowed Bayona to get into the script of Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connelly, the creators responsible for this return to Jurassic world, especially Trevorrow who also directed Jurassic World ... I repeat, I do not know to what extent they allowed Bayona retouch some things on the script, although surely it has not been easy if he has achieved it, but the script is better, without being amazing, and the failures, weaknesses and faults of the film, are almost all due to that very same script that sometimes tends to think that, by the fact of having dinosaurs, the public will accept absolutely everything that appears on the screen without protest. And it is not like that. The resolution of some plot points are not very credible at best, some characters are still unbearable, and logic is not always present in the story... But it improves a lot compared to the previous movie. The plot is more elaborate, the protagonists are more defined and have evolved, the character of the girl is better developed than the children in Jurassic World... And incorporates elements of, for example, horror movies, which in the hands of the director, become key elements to the film.

Elements that appeared for example in the first movie, but that were lost piece by piece in time and with the sequels. But it seems that Bayona is willing to recover them, with a first part of the film with a more adventurous tone and close to The Lost World, which also pays tribute, and a second part of The Lost World, but also, and about everything, from the moments of Jurassic Park terror, the use of shadows, darkness, scares and even a pinch of violence that here appears in a very direct way , and that leads me to wonder how they will have avoided the R rate and achieved the PG13, in addition to avoiding explicit bleeding (because we have some amputation and quite graphic deaths, with a tribute to Jurassic Park included). And in those elements of terror, Bayona moves like a fish in the water, with signs of author but also elements that remind of Frankenstein (even with Doctor Frankenstein included), Little Red Riding Hood (including the encounter with the Big Bad Wolf) or Nosferatu, which gives a cinephile flavor of first category, of real talent.

The film, in addition to having these references to horror films, does not shirk the visual spectacle, especially in its walk around the island, with scenes that are memorable (the aquatic scene, the lava moments, the "farewell on the dock" ... ) and that then lead us to a far more intimate world, if that can happen in the universe of Jurassic Park, with a couple of more than interesting twists. That space where darkness is greater and where those moments arrive that are going to be the most remembered ones of the movie, even though they do not have so many visual effects. They have them, of course, but not so many or so big as in the island. And also throughout the film the director puts a lot of tributes to the Jurassic saga but much less evident than in the previous installment, whether in a shot, in a death, in a scene ... he does not point continuously on the homage, he places it subtly and let the viewer discover if is known or not. It is more effective in that way, because it requires, first of all, the attention of the spectator, it allows it to be like a game in search of Easter eggs that the director has hidden, which are not few.

The film runs for over two hours and entertains a lot. It makes us forget those little script failures, which are less than in the previous movie, and we also have the two leads from Jurassic World, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, displaying charisma and improving their characters, which evolve and grow, without as much nonsense as they had before (notice how they laugh subtly at the topic of the high heels of the first film, and notice how they resolve romantic relationships ...) accompanied by names like James Cromwell, Toby Jones (a villain as topical as adorable ... because the real villains are the dinosaurs), Ted Levine (another tribute to previous films ...) or Rafe Spall. Not forgetting the return of Jeff Goldblum, the always interesting presence of BD Wong as usual, and Isabella Sermon, the great debutante that makes us forget the mediocre children of Jurassic World. The presence of Daniella Pineda and, above all, Justice Smith, does not contribute much ... not because of the actors, but because of how the script deals with the characters ... Minor problems. It is a fun, entertaining film and, finally, a worthy heir to the original, with its mixture of horror and adventure genres for the whole family, with its great narrative pulse and with those details that give it the personality that the others did not have ...

Jesús Usero




Kong: Skull Island review

The best King Kong movie since the original. A character that since its premiere in cinemas in 1933 has become an icon for the cinema, an icon with two remakes, the last of them, directed by Peter Jackson. It is very difficult to revisit that character without repeating previous schemes and themes, and that is something that Jordan Vogt-Roberts film fully achieves. A trip to Skull Island in which we will not see New York, nor a Beauty and the Beast love story, but a display of adventure, action and great visual effects that on one hand brilliantly honors King Kong and on the other is a homage to the war movies of the 70s, with Apocalypse Now at the top.

No, I'm not comparing Kong with Coppola's masterpiece, much less. Neither in subjects, nor in depth ... Nothing has to do with it. But this film does offer various visual tributes to that and the Vietnam War in movies in general. To the cinema of the 70 in particular visually, to offer a visual spectacle of first order, pure entertainment that also keeps a couple of pleasant surprises. From the design of the island, Kong itself, the locations or the creatures that inhabit it (moving away from the typical dinosaurs to give us a new series of monsters ... like that terrifying giant spider), passing through the action of the movie, the tone of the film itself, more focused on Kong than in humans.

Silence ****

28 Dic 2016 Escrito por
Brilliant reflection on faith and religion in the hands of Scorsese. A brave movie, very brave, in these times when faith and religion are not exactly well considered, Martin Scorsese leads a story to honestly reflect on what makes men of faith, what faith generates around the catholic religion, and how to surpass the tests to which it is submitted over time, of very diverse nature, but above all, always, undoubtedly on the part of those who practice it. Do not be confused, Scorsese does not pose a criticism of religion or Christianity, quite the contrary. Praise those who believe and sacrifice, those who suffer and those who live the religion with honesty.

Two young Portuguese priests travel to Japan in the 17th century to investigate the disappearance of a priest who evangelized the area, at a time when Christianity was completely forbidden, forcing practitioners to abandon their new faith or be severely punished, even with death. In that amazing journey narrated as always with a brilliant pulse by Scorsese, we meet two young men whose mission ends up being a personal journey to analyze their own motives, their moments of weakness and strength. And not only theirs, but those of those humble people, who secretly seek the light of religion in which they believe, and who find no greater purpose than sacrifice for it. Become silent martyrs.

Assasin’s Creed ***

19 Dic 2016 Escrito por
One of the best videogame adaptations to cinema. Or probably the best. Yes, it is possible that from this moment the tomatoes begin to rain in this direction and some will attack my opinion, although it does not really matter too much. My job is to be honest with myself and the readers, and tell them what I think. And in this case also from the point of view of the followers of one of the most important video game sagas of the last fifteen years, loved by some, hated by others, but a reference in industry and, with some really brilliant games, especially in the second installment and its aftermath, when we took charge of the story of Ezio Auditore in Renaissance Italy, with a history full of nuances, betrayals, revenge and conspiracies, in the eternal fight between Assassins And Templars. And you have to take into account all that because Justin Kurzel, the director, has made the adaptation of a video game more different, risky and brave than I remember. What's more, it's one of the most risky blockbusters that comes to mind and so it's worth taking a look, even though it's not perfect.

Justin Kurzel is a strange director, capable of directing a film as different as his Macbeth, where he also had Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard as protagonists, and where he did not have the budget he handles in this film, but he provided us with a film very different from what everyone expected. Here he does something similar. Assassin's Creed is cryptic, is different, complex in many ways, although its plot is simple, and it is in part because it assumes that the viewer is a regular player of the saga and they will understand all the references and hidden messages that he has prepared for us during the movie. And as a fan, that is very enjoyable, although the character of Callum Lynch and Aguilar de Nerja, his ancestor, both played by Michael Fassbender, are new in this franchise. It does not matter. Either Kurzel is a player or he has been very well informed about the game (yes, it has changed the Animus, but that's the least important thing), and to understand it, you just have to see the macguffin in the movie, The Apple of Eden, something that will surely mislead many casual viewers, but the fans are going to thank him a lot. Or they should.

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